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 Chenies Village Petanque League

  Is'nt that Boules to most of us?

Winning Lillywhites team take the title

With the league title now decided we only have the cup competition to go. This will be played for on the 6th September, the 4 league sides will be joined by 4 non-league sides. Their will be a draw to form two leagues, the winers and runners up will then move into a knock out phase of a semi final and final. The winners of Group 1 will play the runners up of Group 2 and visa versa.

Games start at 11am with lunch starting at 1pm.

Will the Liliywhites do the double? emulating their 1961 namesakes


Chenies Pétanque League  Final League positions.

Lillywhites                                           11 Points
iBoules                                                 11 Points
Ray's Great Big Boules                         8 Points
River Rangers                                        6 Points






















Chenies Village Petanque League

On a very cold but sunny Mid May evening the Chenies Pétanque League kicked into life. As the frost descended four teams gathered to commence competition. Fortified by a selection of wines, beers and peanuts the evening progressed. The rules were explained and it was decided to play a shortened version of the game, first to 5 points. Had we played the official first to 13 we would still be there now. Ray's Great Big Boules beat all before them. Lillywhites beat the River Rangers and iBoules and the River Rangers beat iBoules. As hosts iBoules graciously allowed everyone to beat them. The evening drew to a close as the frost started to form on the court. At least by then the midges had stopped biting. Looking forward to the next fixture on the 10th June.


Controversy at League Match ...Umpire bows to pressure...


At last nights penulatimate game before end of the season - umpire 'Big Jack' Jennings had to make a ruling on the disappearance of the jack going out of out of bounds . His initial ruling was the end was void, which was correct but he caved in to pressure from the unruly behaviour of the various teams and spectators ( Yes ! really !)


His formal response is posted here along with the 'official' rules.


Regarding last nights controversy I have reviewed the official rules and they are as follows


In the case of last nights incident Article 9-1) applied combined with Article 13-1) so the end was void. The umpire almost got it right but should not have awarded the Liliywhites a point. This did not make a difference to the result as Ray's Great Big Boules won the game 5-1


You will recall the umpires initial ruling was the end was void, which was correct but he caved in to pressure from the unruly mob who were beginning to turn ugly.


I have also attached the official rules. You will note that we are in breach of a number of the "official rules" most notably the size of the Jack. I believe we should continue with the larger Jack we have as we struggle to see this one and for a group that finds counting to two a challenge a smaller jack might be beyond us.


View OFFICAL RULES OF PETANQUE  CLICK HERE ( if you are really that worried !)

The victorious Lillywhites team on July 1st - without their captain Simon Hudson who was in Greece on holiday. It was hotter here than Greece Simon so why you bothered we dont know !



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