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The River Chess

The River Chess is a chalk stream which springs from Chesham and runs through Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire.


The Chess, along with the Colne and Gade, gives rise to the name of the district of Three Rivers, in which it forms its confluence with the Colne.


The River Chess falls 60 m and is 17.9 km long.The river rises from springs in the Vale of Chesham and in Pednor before flowing in a south-easterly direction past Waterside.


The river banks are mostly not public rights of way, and only small stretches of the river are accessible. Beyond Latimer it flows to the north of Chenies and on towards Rickmansworth after which it becomes a tributary of the River Colne. It is navigable only in its lower reaches

Fly Fishing

Fishing on the River Chess is mostly private. It is claimed that rainbows breed in only two rivers in Britain….the Derbyshire’ Wye, and the Chess.

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